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smart thermostat positioned on the wall with the phone that controls it being held in front of it being adjusted by the hands that are holding it
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Smart Thermostat Installation

Smart technology and artificial intelligence have become so common in our day-to-day lives that we often interact with them without even realizing it. From the software that runs our phones to the autocorrect that’s being used to double-check this article, forms of smart technology are all around us, and some of its applications are clearly more useful than others.

Many instances of “smart” technology tend to serve very niche purposes or, in the worst cases, can be kind of gimmicky. For instance, a Bluetooth-connected coffee mug will only appeal to a select group of people. When it comes to your home’s HVAC system, one example of smart technology that the professionals here at Summit Air Conditioning & Heating think could benefit every homeowner is a smart thermostat.

While it may sound like it belongs firmly on the “gimmicky” side of the discussion, smart thermostat technology gives homeowners access to a low-cost investment that can both help save money and greatly improve the functionality of a traditional thermostat.

smart thermostat positioned on the wall with the phone that controls it being held in front of it being adjusted by the hands that are holding it

Benefits Of Smart Thermostats 

Saying that smart technology “greatly improves the functionality” of thermostats can sound kind of vague. It’s our goal here at Summit to be as clear as possible when it comes to explaining the benefits of the heating and cooling services we provide. To give a more clear idea of just how a smart thermostat might improve your life, here are the four main benefits that are associated with smart thermostat replacement.

Remote Access

Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, smart thermostat users can enjoy remote control access over their thermostats from anywhere they have an internet connection. This improved control can give homeowners some peace of mind in knowing that they’ll never be caught off guard if they’re away from home and something unexpected happens.

AI Integration

The term AI has gotten incredibly popular in the last few years, and it can be a bit confusing to determine what “artificial intelligence” actually is. Simply put, AI is a program that is designed to do a specific task very effectively. In the case of smart thermostats, AI is used to track the habits of occupants inside of a home in order to determine the most efficient temperature schedule possible that will save the most amount of energy.

Smart Home Integration

As we mentioned above, it’s hard to escape smart technology. In fact, many of us are already utilizing wildly available smart home systems to make our lives more convenient.

Fortunately, most smart thermostats have the ability to integrate with most common smart home systems. This can help you connect your thermostat to the technology of your smart home to further streamline your smart home setup.

Energy Savings

The above benefits all combine to create an HVAC component that greatly expands the functionality of the typical thermostat and increases the efficiency of the entire system.

Fortunately for the homeowner, this increase in efficiency can typically be directly translated into savings in utility bills, on average, reducing energy costs by 10-15%.

Reach The Peak Of HVAC Tech With A Smart Thermostat From Summit

If you feel like you might benefit from the features of a smart thermostat, then you can’t go wrong by immediately calling Summit Air Conditioning & Heating. With the best Buda thermostat replacement around, we guarantee one of our professionals will be able to install your new thermostat and after, thoroughly explain how it works. With help from our team, you can have the best chances of utilizing all of the ways a smart thermostat can make life easier.

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