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Get all your ducts in a row with air duct repairs that work!

We Find Leaky Ducts — And Fix Them!

Comprehensive Duct Repair

Traditional air conditioning systems include a series of ductwork to deliver cooled air throughout your space. These air ducts travel through your home, hidden in crawlspaces and the attic. Since many homeowners can’t see their ducts, they have a tendency to forget them – until something goes wrong.

Let the professionals at Summit Air Conditioning & Heating provide you with dependable air duct services. With duct repairs from our team, you can be sure your system is delivering air as efficiently as possible. Read on to learn more about our ductwork services in Buda and reach out with any questions or to book your service today.

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Summit Stands By You

Here at Summit, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive AC services.

Our technicians would never cut corners by doing something like skipping a maintenance step or forgetting to check your air filters.

That’s why more Buda residents choose us for their heating and cooling services – our workmanship is second to none and we always stand by what we do.

Your AC system involves more than just your outside unit. Central air conditioners rely on ductwork to provide consistent cooling.

With duct repairs from our team, your system can run like new.

Why Schedule Duct Repair?

Your home can lose up to 40% of its cooling energy through inefficient or damaged air ducts. When your AC works to force air through sloppy ductwork, it puts extra strain on the overall system. So, over time you’ll pay more in energy bills to receive less cooling AND your system will succumb to wear and tear faster.

Luckily, Summit is here to help! Our professional duct repair services can restore your home’s ductwork to like-new condition. Save money, live more comfortably and gain peace of mind with services from our team. We’re proud to serve residents in Austin, Buda and surrounding areas – that’s why we’ve been working hard for you for nearly twenty years!

Signs You Need Duct Repair

We’ve compiled a list of signs to look out for if you suspect your ducts need service. Keep reading or feel free to contact our team with any questions. The most common signs you need air duct repair include:

  • Noise from ductwork – broken, loose or damaged ducts can make banging, whistling and rattling sounds
  • Discoloration around vents – moisture coming into torn or disconnected ducts can result in mold or mildew growth
  • Unpleasant smells – overheating elements, rodent infestation and the presence of insects can all give off foul odors
  • Increasing utility bills – your AC will work harder to provide you with adequate cooling at the added expense of using more energy to do so
  • Allergy/respiratory symptoms – dust, pollen and other airborne particulates can enter your space through damaged or loose ducts
  • Some rooms are warmer or cooler – fluctuating temperatures, inconsistent cooling and hot spots are all signs your space has damaged ductwork
  • Your home is dusty – similar to releasing allergens throughout your home, leaky ducts can also make your home’s surfaces dustier
  • Ducts are visibly damaged, tangled or old – if you can see holes, tears or kinks in your air ducts this may be the most obvious sign you need duct repair

No matter the state of your current ductwork, our team is dedicated to working hard for you. We can design and install new ducts, replace an existing system or repair minor issues. For top-quality duct repair in Buda, you need Summit!

How To Repair Torn Ductwork

Maintaining your system’s ductwork is essential for your unit’s energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality. If your air ducts are kinked, damaged or torn, you could be paying more in energy bills to make up for leaking ducts! If you have a small tear in your system that you can safely access, you may be able to repair your torn ductwork yourself.

Start by identifying the torn or damaged sections, which are commonly in basements, crawl spaces or attics. Once located, clean the affected area to remove dust and debris. Next, use specialized tape or sealant to mend the tear securely, ensuring a tight seal.

For larger or more complex tears, consider reaching out to our team to schedule professional duct repair. Regularly inspecting and promptly repairing torn ductwork will help optimize your HVAC system’s performance, reduce energy bills and maintain a healthier living environment for your household.

Top-Quality Duct Services

Torn, worn and damaged air ducts can have a negative impact on your indoor space. Recirculating dust, insect debris and other airborne irritants can make your home feel uncomfortable and dusty. Not to mention the strain it can put on your indoor allergies!

With professional services from Summit, you can rest assured our comprehensive duct services will get your system back in tip-top shape. When you need duct repairs for your Buda home, reach out to our team today!

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